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Scaffolding, Australia

Oil, Gas & Resources Sector

Scope Australia supplies tailored services to Australia’s largest industry leaders. Our superior commercial and industrial services extend across a diverse range of sectors, including resources, to ensure our clientele have confidence that we will meet the high demands of the industry.

With the extremely hazardous environments created by the oil and gas industry, we focus strongly on quality and safety, as these factors are both essential to meeting customer project requirements. We, therefore, utilise the best equipment and onsite capabilities to ensure quality and safety for every project.

In order to alleviate any risks associated with these conditions, our highly experienced and meticulous team will ensure the safety of our customers and employees at all times. We are continually improving our processes and operating procedures by identifying new hazards that are specific to each industry sector.

Health and Safety

As one of the most important and necessary aspects of our business, we pride ourselves on our approach to health and safety, no matter the project we are undertaking and the risks that are involved. Our values and culture within our business influence and inspire our workforce to perform at the highest industry standards and beyond when partnering with our clients.

In order to maximise safety performance and quality, we uphold very strict safe work methods and procedures to maintain our company values and focus on improving our already first-rate strategies. Our aim is to share and develop our health and safety systems and processes with our clients, to sustain our quality for future projects, and to maintain strong relationships.

Design and Engineering

At Scope Australia we understand that the design and engineering of access scaffolds and supporting structures is crucial to the success of all our projects. With safety being at the forefront of our approach to any project, our design and engineering team utilise digital modelling technology and combine years of experience with Australia’s most sophisticated scaffold systems to provide code regulated and compliant access structures.

We can provide our clients with 2D or 3D detailed design layouts, build scope plans and engineering certifications to enable visualisation of the entire process. Along with these, we supply highly detailed documentation and drawings demonstrating the construction, movement and deconstruction of the access structures. This improves safety control and identifies operations, which in turn allows our clients to independently monitor their own project progress.

Our assurance and professionalism in access scaffolds and support structures allows our clients to be confident that their access programs have been understood by us. This assures them that any potential issues with their project have been identified and resolved prior to commencement. We strive to provide our clients the assurance that their project will be delivered safely, on time, and within the project budget.

Onsite Services

Our onsite services are unrivalled across Australia and is what sets us apart from the rest. We strive to deliver industry-leading service at a cost-effective price while still ensuring safe, high quality and efficient service.

Scope Australia has a vast range of onsite solutions with a highly qualified workforce training and in house safe work methods we can facilitate delivery to even the most difficult access sites.

To ensure quality control and the efficient and effective delivery of our services to our clients, We are continually auditing and testing all of our services to ensure that our high standards are well maintained.

Scaffold Hire/Rental

For the highest quality products on the market, Scope Australia provides heavy-duty scaffolding for hire across Australia. Our customers can rest assured that our products will hold up against high risk situations as all of our scaffolding is backed by our Quality Assured Accreditation. In order to satisfy our clients’ project requirements, we offer short term and long-term construction scaffolding hire agreements. We also ensure that our scaffolding for hire is maintained to adhere to strict Australian workplace health and safety regulations. Our scaffold equipment is produced using the highest quality materials to ensure the safety and quality to our clients. We specialise in providing the following scaffolding systems: